Winner 1995

POV: Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter

P.O.V./Deborah Hoffman, New York, New York

In Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter, film maker Deborah Hoffmann recounts her coming to terms with her mother’s advancing Alzheimer’s disease and explores the universal relationship between mother and daughter. P.O.V. launched its 1995 season with this fine film, and created a partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association and the American Association of Retired Persons to establish regional activities to raise awareness of resources available to Alzheimer’s care-givers and support groups. In addition, PBS member stations created companion programming to highlight local referral information. Few programs generated the personal, heartfelt responses that Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter engendered, as letter, electronic mail, and requests for viewing cassettes poured in. For a remarkable and profound story of a mother and daughter’s courage in facing a debilitating disease, a Peabody to Deborah Hoffmann and P.O.V. for Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter.