Winner 2014

CNN Investigative Reports: Crisis at the VA


In January 2014, CNN broke a stunning story that an investigative team led by Drew Griffin had been researching for six months: At least 19 military veterans had died because of appointment delays at Veterans Affairs hospitals, and thousands more were experiencing similar, unconscionable waits for tests and treatment. One veteran CNN interviewed on camera had developed stage-four cancer during his year-long wait for a colonoscopy. Public outrage and Congressional hearings ensued even as CNN continued to follow and expand the story, pursuing it with what one veterans’ organization called “unrivaled dedication and tenacity.” Over the course of the year, CNN televised 26 reports and posted 36 articles on about the widening VA crisis. As the result of the media-wide coverage CNN led, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned, lower-ranking managers were fired for their incompetence and cover-up attempts, and Congress addressed the dangerous backlogs by passing legislation that enables veterans to seek needed care outside the VA system. For uncovering and meticulously following up a story about scandalous, sometimes fatal inefficiencies at Veterans Affairs hospitals, CNN Investigative Reports: Crisis at the VA receives a Peabody Award.


Senior Investigative Correspondent: Drew Griffin. Director, CNN Investigations: Patricia DiCarlo. Senior Investigative Producers: Scott Bronstein, Nelli Black. Executive Producer: Charlie Moore. Senior Broadcast Producer: Kara Kasarjian. Senior Producers: Sean Yates, Kerry Rubin, Susan Chun, Jenny Blanco. Vice President of Domestic Newsgathering: Terence Burke.