Winner 1983

Climate of Death


As Bob Jimenez accepts a Peabody today on behalf of both his station and his colleagues who brought Climate of Death to reality, he does so in the full knowledge that he represents a station which has made an enormous contribution with the airing of this program. Unfortunately not many Americans understand the situation in El Salvador with any degree of clarity. Unfortunately much of what is produced in the name of television fails to add anything to what understanding there is. Climate of Death is one program which adds immeasurably. This is a tough story—tough to gather, tough to tell, tough to view. But is is a story that needed to be told. Bob Jimenez, himself a network veteran of Central American coverage, took one team to El Salvador while other producers traveled across the United States to weave this excellent documentary together. Credit is certainly due producer/writers Jonathan Dann, Craig Franklin, and Larry Lee for the fine support they lent to making this really top-notch television.