Winner 2005

Classical Baby

HBO Family

An inspiring mix of classic art and music, Classical Baby is as intriguing and hypnotic to adults as it is to the developing minds of its intended audience. The primary purpose of the show is to promote early childhood learning by stimulating babies’ imaginations through beautiful and vibrant animated interpretations of paintings, accompanied by well-orchestrated renderings of famous musical pieces. Each short piece is prefaced with a diaper-clad baby conducting an orchestra of assorted animals. Segments are inspired by composers, artists, and choreographers from a variety of styles and genres. “Trucks” features a Duke Ellington jazz composition and the cubist masterpieces of Fernand Leger, while “Waltz of the Flowers” contains a George Balanchine-inspired dance piece to the music of Tchaikovsky. These classic works are intertwined exquisitely and seamlessly. In creating Classical Baby, director/producer Amy Schatz, along with executive producer Sheila Nevins and producers Sabina Barach, Beth Levinson, and Dolores Morris, give parents and their babies high-quality art, music, and dance exposure at one of the most crucial stages in a child’s brain development. For its charm, beauty, imagination, and educational value, Classical Baby wins a Peabody Award.


Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins. Producers: Amy Schatz, Sabina Barach, Beth Levinson, Dolores Morris. Director: Amy Schatz.