Winner 1992

Citizen Cohn

Home Box Office

As one member of the Peabody National Advisory Board observed, this was “perhaps the best film produced for any medium in 1992.” Citizen Cohn represents an outstanding achievement in documenting an important era and in exposing the public and private life of an influential individual from our recent past. What sets Citizen Cohn apart from the more mundane movies one encounters on television is its outstanding ensemble of actors and the intelligence and perception of its writing. From James Woods in the title role to Joe Don Baker, Joseph Bologna, Ed Flanders, Frederic Forrest, Lee Grant, and Pat Hingle, among others, the performances are dead-on accurate, even thrilling. The words of writer David Franzoni are vividly realized, and in the hands of director Frank Pierson, the film soars. For television entertainment of the very highest caliber, a Peabody to Citizen Cohn.