Winner 1993

Chuck Kraemer Reporting


Reporting, writing, shooting, and editing one’s own programs on “consumer” equipment may seem frivolous, but Chuck Kraemer’s folly becomes viewer’s joy in his delightful observation and commentaries on everyday life. Mr. Kraemer’s one man band plays on WCVB TV Boston in many styles—newsy, funny, serious, opinionated, informational, pictorial, and sometimes, just verbal. Mr. Kraemer finds room for reflection and ides on TV news- no small feat these days. He looks for places where contemplation can be interposed among the hard facts and sometimes brutal pictures of television news. In 1982, Chuck Kraemer was recognized with the Peabody for his work on the WCVB documentary Ground Zero: Victory Road. This year, Mr. Kraemer adds another Peabody to his mantel for his thoughtful observations of the American experience.