Winner 1989

China in Crisis

CBS Radio News

When the pro-democracy movement began to grow in Mainland China in 1989 it seemed like a small story. A few students were attempting to dramatically alter one of the world’s most entrenched governments. It was ludicrous on the surface. But, as the protests grew, leading to the dramatic events in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, many Chinese people were joining in to create an increasingly loud cry for freedom. The brutal response of the Chinese government has done little to change the feelings of people, even if it has affected the mode of expression. As humanity learned in 1989, totalitarian governments are doomed to fall of their own weight and this one, in time, will be no different. CBS Radio News was involved in this giant of a story while it was a small flutter in the news breeze. As the story grew, CBS provided background and perspective for listeners so that they could follow events with better understanding. And when things came to an explosive head, CBS was there to tell the story as it unfolded. For unblinking courage in covering a most difficult story, a Peabody Award to CBS Radio News, New York, for China in Crisis.