Nominee 2022

Children of the Taliban

Moondogs Films production (Channel 4)

In this affecting documentary, viewers meet four children—two boys and two girls—living in Kabul, Afghanistan, and learn how dramatically their lives have changed since U.S. troops withdrew from the country and the Taliban came to power. While the girls face the obvious serious difficulties under the patriarchal regime, some of the most chilling footage shows how young boys are radicalized.


Creators: Marcel Mettelsiefen, Jordan Bryon. Showrunners: Nevine Mabro, Marcel Mettelsiefen. Producer: Juan Camilo Cruz. Director: Marcel Mettelsiefen, Jordan Bryon. Writers: Jonathan Miller. Editor: Stephen Ellis. Talent: Tamara Raimondi. Photography: Marcel Mettelsiefen. Design/Technical Staff: Nico Miranda. Cinematographer: Marcel Mettelsiefen. Sound/Music: Michael Kadelbach.