Chasing Coral

An Exposure Labs Production in partnership with The Ocean Agency & View Into the Blue in association with Argent Pictures

Climate change is often described as a slow-moving catastrophe, a serious yet distant threat. “Chasing Coral,” a Netflix documentary, upends that comfortable premise. As waters warm, coral reefs starve, with massive bleaching events occurring at record pace unseen beneath the waves. Approximately 90 percent of coral reefs may be lost over the coming decades. “Chasing Coral” dramatically illuminates this ongoing disaster, first immersing the audience in the gorgeous and diverse marine world that is the Great Barrier Reef, and then documenting—using underwater time-lapse cameras invented specifically for the project—how vast swaths of it die. The emotional impact is heightened by watching a team of passionate scientists and idealistic young assistants witness the bleaching event, which suggests nothing less than a kind of underwater holocaust. Somehow, in spite of the scope of the tragedy, the documentary nevertheless remains hopeful, calling for engagement and urging action. For bringing climate change and its deadly consequences into sharp and immediate focus, “Chasing Coral” wins a Peabody Award.


Executive Producers: David J. Cornfield, Linda A. Cornfield, Ryan W. Ahrens, Jill K. Ahrens. Producer: Larissa Rhodes. Editor: Davis Coombe. Director/Producer: Jeff Orlowski. Music By: Dan Romer, Saul Simon MacWilliams.