Winner 1995

CBS Reports: In the Killing Fields of America

CBS News

Television has long been the target of criticism that its depictions of violence are glamorized and that the effects of violence are glossed over or ignored. CBS Reports: In the Killing Fields of America answers these charges and exhibits how television can indeed show the truth about violence and its catastrophic consequences. The look at the problem is a collection of portraits of real people, real violence, and real tragedy. The shame suffered by a young killer, and the pain expressed by a mother whose daughter was murdered by her husband, are among the stories brought to life in this compelling report. Co-hosts Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley and Dan Rather trace the epidemic of violence in America beyond the headlines and newscasts. In the skilled hands of producers Holly and Paul Fine, recipients of personal Peabody Awards in 1990, this powerful documentary humanizes the problem, examining its roots, its consequences and the frustrating search for meaningful solutions. For examining violence with realism, compassion and candor, a Peabody to CBS News for CBS Reports: In the Killing Fields of America.