Winner 1994

CBS Reports: D-Day

CBS News

In the grand tradition of landmark documentaries for this venerable news institution, CBS Reports: D-Day recounts the story of the greatest military maneuver in modern warfare. American, French, British, and German eyewitnesses humanize this drama: from crossing the English Channel in a storm, at night, to the landing on the beaches of northern France and moving inland against superior forces. Reporter Dan Rather returns to the scenes of battle with General H. Norman Schwarzkopf to help viewers discern the thoughts of Eisenhower, Montgomery, and Rommel, and the feelings of troops on both sides of the line. Through interviews with veterans, viewers experience the invasion and follow the troops from D-Day through the liberation of Paris to V-E Day, 50 years ago today. For personalizing the heroism of those who risked their lives on the beaches of Normandy and in the liberation of Europe, a Peabody to CBS Reports: D-Day.