Winner 1997

CBS News Sunday Morning

CBS News

When Sunday Morning premiered on CBS in January 1979, founding producer Shad Northshield, host Charles Kuralt, and their dedicated staff brought a fresh look to network news and a novel approach to celebrating achievement and recognizing the extraordinary in the ordinary. From the opening trumpet’s notes to the opulent closing nature video, Sunday Morning continues under host Charles Osgood and executive producers Linda Mason and Missie Rennie to cast new light on its subjects, never stooping to the hyperkinesis, hyperbole and just plain hype that characterizes much of television news. This is not to say that the program eschews hard news. Quite the contrary. Its reports on breaking news and the events of the prior week are exemplary. Equally important, the program provides viewers with insights into art, music, education, nature, and the off-beat that are the envy of any Sunday newspaper in their sensitivity, breadth, and sheer enjoyment. In making a second award to the series (its first was in 1979), the Peabody Board makes special note of the seamless transition from the folksy Carolina drawl of the late Mr. Kuralt, to Mr. Osgood’s punchy yet poetic “see you on the radio” cadences. With “Charles the Second” on the throne, Sunday Morning remains an uplifting, reflective and thoughtful weekly program. For reassuring and informing us weekly with news, opinion and perspective, which is presented at a thoughtful and contemplative pace, a Peabody to CBS News for Sunday Morning.