Winner 1953

Cavalcade of Books


The Peabody Awards Committee dismisses as piffle the theory that, because of television, fewer good books are being read in America. There is no substitute for really good books. Television, as a matter of fact, can materially help to spread the word about the joys of reading, and Cavalcade of Books is an excellent example of just how this can be accomplished. Produced by expert showmen, backed solidly by the book-selling fraternity of California and the leading publishers of America, Cavalcade of Books on KNXT is now being watched by upward of 350,000 people a week. The Peabody Committee (three of whose members know from personal participation the pulling power of the program) hopes that this award may stimulate bookmen in other parts of the country to similar endeavor. Under the heading of television education, therefore, we present the George Foster Peabody Award to Cavalcade of Books.