Winner 1981

Carl Sandburg at Connemara

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Carl Sandburg at Connemara, from the Signature series, wins a Peabody Award for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The producers went to Flatrock, North Carolina and “Connemara,” the last home of Sandburg, the poet, biographer and folk-hero, to capture the sounds and the atmosphere of the times, the location and the people, at this historic site. Low-key recollections of one of America’s greats are provided by his friends, his students, and his relatives. Best of all, Sandburg’s reading of some of his incomparable works skillfully heightens the artistry of this well-produced and highly interesting documentary. Carl Sandburg at Connemara demonstrated an outstanding use of the Canadian network’s resources and provided radio listeners with a magnificent sound portrait of a great American. A Peabody Award acknowledges this skillful and rewarding achievement.