Winner 2000

Cancer: Evolution to Revolution

Heartlove Productions, Lovett Productions, and Home Box Office

When cancer strikes, people react with intense fear and acute anxiety at its seemingly sudden appearance. But, most don’t realize that it can takes years to develop. Most also don’t realize that cancer is actually over 100 different diseases and that, for several types of cancer, numerous treatment options exist. With a focus on major cancers—colon, breast, prostate, and lung—and touching on rarer cancers such as ovarian, cervical and childhood leukemia, Cancer: Evolution to Revolution dispels the “sudden occurrence” myth and offers a practical guide for viewers to become better advocates in their own health care. Produced, directed and written by Joseph F. Lovett, this documentary begins as an intensely personal story of Lovett’s family, many of whom died of different types of cancers. Supported by executive producers Sheila Nevins, Anthony Radziwill and Kenneth Paul Rosenberg M.D., and senior producer John Hoffman, this program challenges the traditional ways cancer is perceived as it follows patients and families dealing with cancer. In the production narrated by Lilly Tartikoff, the program shows patients how to be active participants in determining the best treatment for their cancers. This productions and its related, comprehensive companion website provide patients invaluable information and outline significant choices that did not exist a few years ago—resources that can prolong or save lives. For a remarkable, extraordinarily hopeful program that empowers cancer patients through presenting new ways of thinking about and treating cancer, a Peabody goes to Cancer: Evolution to Revolution.