Winner 1991

Brian Ross Reports on B.C.C.I.

NBC News

For more than fifteen years, the NBC News team of producer Ira Silverman and reporter Brian Ross has provided exemplary investigative journalism. Perhaps never before have the team’s considerable talents been taxed more than in revealing, reporting and providing follow-up to the complex Bank of Credit and Commerce International (B.C.C.I.) scandal. Conventional wisdom in broadcast news would suggest that this story was not suited for television: finance is a dry topic, considered inaccessible to most viewers, and it is not “visual.” Ross, Silverman and their colleagues at NBC News debunked these prevailing myths. They rightly perceived that this story had significant implications for domestic policy and international relations. From initial reports more than three years ago, to startling revelations in 1991, their efforts have been characterized by clarity, precision and depth. For providing investigative reporting of the highest calibre, a Peabody is awarded to NBC News for its reports on B.C.C.I.


Executive Producers: Paul Greenberg, Steve Friedman. Chief Investigative Producer: Ira Silverman. Producers: Mark Hosenball, Robert Gilmartin, Vic Walter. Directors: Kyle Good, Julian Finkelstein. Writers: Brian Ross, Ira Silverman. Correspondent: Brian Ross.