Winner 1997

Body Doubles: The Twin Experience

Home Box Office, Carlton Television, U.K., in association with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

In the talented hands of filmmaker Antony Thomas, Home Box Office and Carlton Television present a moving and humorous depiction of the life of twins, which challenges our preconceptions about the role environment and genetics play in human behavior. The film is a set of diverse case studies, beginning with Bill and John Reiff, two eccentric pig farmers who have won numerous awards over the years for being the most identical twins in the world. We meet Raymond Brandt, who relives his brother Robert’s death every day, even though his twin has been gone for nearly 50 years. Then there is the case of Jerry and Mark Levy, identical twins separated at 6-days-old, who find each other after nearly four decades and discover that each is a fire chief, who share many of the same hobbies, interests and mannerisms. Under the guiding vision of executive producers Shelia Nevins and Roger James, the film is always respectful of its subjects, yet remains consistently revealing and challenging. For presenting a provocative look at parallel lives, a Peabody is presented to Body Doubles: The Twin Experience.