Winner 2023


Ludo Studio, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Studios

Creator Joe Brumm’s endearing family of animated Australian dogs—daughters Bluey, 7, and Bingo, 5, along with their mother, Chili, and father, Bandit—have captivated both children and adults for years in episodes equally delightful and heartrending. This is the unique power of Bluey, a children’s show that cleverly hides profound life lessons in the whirlwind goings-on of each effervescent seven-minute installment. The cartoon is powered by a sensibility that honors both children’s playfulness and their capacity to navigate a variety of complex and nuanced emotions. Very little feels off the table, as Bluey fearlessly tackles topics from death to infertility to fleeting friendships, all while maintaining a sense of innocence and exuberance for the children, and affinity and understanding for the parents, who are allowed to be dynamic, imperfect beings on their own growth journey. For its unparalleled ability to seamlessly unite childhood bliss with meaningful life lessons, for young and adult viewers alike, we recognize Bluey with a Peabody Award.


Creator: Joe Brumm. Executive Producers: Charlie Aspinwall, Libbie Doherty, Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Daley Pearson. Producer: Sam Moor. Assistant Producers: Sasha Folker, Chloe Hume, Jessica Magro. Series Director: Richard Jeffery. Animation Directors: Claire Renton, Beth Harvey. Writer: Joe Brumm. Editor: Josef Switak. Talent: Melanie Zanetti, David McCormack, Neil Finn, Shauna Corrigan, Mick Fanning, Megan Washington, Brad Elliott, Anna Daniels, Richard Jeffery, Ray Warren, Johnathan Thurston, Gordon Bray, Carrie Bickmore, Kate Miller-Heidke. Music: Joff Bush, Daniel O’Brien, Gabrielle Cowan, Lachlan Nicolson, Jazz D’Arcy. Storyboard: Jasmine Moody, Tim Delaney, Mike Chavez, Sarah Rackemann. Lead Art Director: Costa Kassab. Art Directors: Rafferty Amor, Trudi Monteath, Alice Walsh, Delaney Januzzi, Faith Chen, Aivy Nguyen. Lead Designer: Rob Smyth. Designers: Alice Holmes, Jake Bresanello, Owain Emanuel. Lead Background Artist: Nick Rees. Background Artists: Jemma Bayley, Rob Corless, Daniela Hammer, Faith Chen, Salem Jacobin, Jane Osborne. Technical Advisors: Andy Blazdell, Simon Lipowicz. Composer Assistant: Jazz D’Arcy. Lead Animators: Lisa Hack, Beth Durack, Seb Davis, Liam Stewart, Rich Sewell. Animators: Kate Derrick, Laila Schmidinger, Naomi Scutts, Rich Sewell, Gerard Bishop, Grace Burden, Eric H. Lin, Caitlin O’Brien, Chris Bennett, Kathleen Hirst, Dan Smith, Madeleine Parker-Hill, Max Gibson, Danika Catchpole, Kiara Hankinson, Chad Molyneux, Mark Paterson, Charmay-Adele Yule, Lisa Hack, Beth Harvey. Lead VFX Artist: Francis Stanton. VFX Artists: Nicoles Clowes, Daniel Sun, Ben Zaugg. Layout: Genevieve Tree, Suzy Brumm. Sound Design: Dan Brumm. Recording Engineers: Tania Vlassova, Dave Champion. Online Post Production: Grant Sundin. Edit Assistant: Anthony Pham. Production Managers: Lauren Brown, Rhiannon Steffensen. Post Production Scripts: Reezy Miller. Production Accountant: Daniel Schultz. Production Lawyer: Jenny Lalor.