Winner 1995

Blind Justice: Who Killed Janie Fray?

WJR Radio

In this series, WJR Radio, led by investigative reporter Rod Hansen, exemplified journalism’s highest calling – championing the cause of citizens whose rights have been denied. When Janie Marie Fray was found brutally murdered, police quickly arrested her boyfriend, Ricky Amolsch. Authorities claimed a key witness say Amolsch’s van at Fray’s home and declared bite marks on her face matched Amolsch’s teeth. After two months of investigation, Hansen believed Amolsch had been wrongly accused. His initial series of reports proved that law enforcement officials had not thoroughly matched the teeth marks to Amolsch’s bite nor had they examined potential links between Fray and the key witness: a convicted sex offender. After authorities refused to budge from their initial conclusion, Hansen continued his investigation and field numerous additional reports and updates. Finally, after ten months’ incarceration, Amolsch was released and Judge John Shamo dismissed all charges. For decisive investigative journalism that got an innocent man out of prison, a Peabody to WJR Radio and Rod Hansen for Blind Justice: Who killed Janie Fray?.