Winner 1996

Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was

Radio Smithsonian

Hosted by Lou Rawls, this 13-part documentary on radio’s role in the evolution of America’s black communities is a forceful reminder of the many contributions made by African-Americans to the history of broadcasting. Through interviews with radio veterans and the presentation of rare recordings of historical programming, listeners hear the powerful, captivating stories of individuals who experienced this important and often neglected area of American cultural and media history. Executive producers Wes Horner and Jacquie Gales Webb, along with producers Sonja Williams and Lex Gillespie, and production manager John Tyler, painstakingly gathered, recorded and re-recorded the oral histories and archival audio material used in this groundbreaking series. As a result, generations to come will appreciate the contributions made by Hal Jackson, Jack Gibson, Tom Joyner, Al Benson, Jack L. Cooper, “Doctor Daddy-O” (Vernon Winslow), and countless others to America’s radio listeners, regardless of color. For documenting and preserving the rich history of black-oriented radio in an educational, energetic, and thoroughly enjoyable manner, a Peabody to Radio Smithsonian for Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was.