Winner 1981


CBS-TV, Alan Landsburg Productions

A Peabody Award goes to CBS-TV and Alan Landsburg Productions for the heart-warming story of Bill. Based on the true story of a mentally retarded adult who spent most of his life in a mental institution until befriended by a young film maker, this gripping human drama brings Bill back into community life and, eventually, into independence, all through the love and concern of one who cares. It is doubtful that anyone watching Mickey Rooney as “Bill” failed to be deeply moved, for this is a story that tugs at the heart strings, brings a tear to the eye and leaves the viewer feeling better for having been allowed to watch this person grow and assume a useful place in society. This is not fantasy; it is not over-blown; it is simple, real and wonderful, and Mickey Rooney is “Bill.” Under the able hand of veteran producer Mel Stuart, a marvelous bit of television has been captured forever. For this a Peabody Award to CBS-TV and Alan Landsburg Productions for Bill.