Winner 1988

Bill Moyers’  World of Ideas

Public Affairs Television, Inc.

Television is such a visual medium that sometimes the sound becomes part of the background for the dominant visual images. This is a shame because it has fostered television so oriented to gaining viewers’ visual attention that thoughtful discussion generally is ignored because it is “boring.” But as Bill Moyers proves in his World of Ideas, nothing could be more interesting than thoughtful discussion with outstanding thinkers and visionaries of our time. This series of programs is made for the ear and the mind, not just the eyes. Guests ranging from an internationally known filmmaker to a noted environmentalist to a leading psychiatrist brought insightful analyses of society to the discussions. The result was a rich examination of the viewpoints and impact of various fields of endeavor and a study of society at large. But it is Bill Moyers who brings the ideas to the forefront and shapes the discussions. He may simply be the best interviewer of our time. For demonstrating that television can still stimulate viewers to think and reason, a Peabody to Public Affairs Television, Inc. for Bill Moyers’ World of Ideas.