Winner 2006

Being a Black Man, The Washington Post

The depth and breadth of this website illustrates the power of multimedia journalism. Building on 15 original articles prepared for the print edition of The Washington Post, the site added 12 video documentaries, many online discussion areas, and narrated photo galleries. Stories presented the lives and experiences of many black men—workers, performers, activists. The purpose of the project was to go beyond surface description, to provide the possibility of interactive responses and to extend the reach of the analysis into communities both virtual and face-to-face. Meetings were held. Forums provided opportunities for participants to speak. Students and teachers used the materials in classrooms. Other sites on the web linked to the information that was provided, and they increased our ability to understand the old issues in new ways. For this melding of old and new forms of journalism and pointing to the future of electronic communication, Being A Black Man receives a Peabody Award.


Project lead editors: Kevin Merida, Phil Bennett, Ju-Don Marshall Roberts, Tom Kennedy, Tanya Ballard. Senior video producer/Reporter/Editor: Ben de la Cruz. Producer/Reporter: Hamil R. Harris. Contributing producers: Pierre Kattar, Sholn Freeman.Web designer: Nelson Hsu. Multimedia/audio editor: Nancy Donaldson.