Winner 2011


Developed for North America but translatable with a mere mouse click from English into more than 20 other languages, including Hindi, Portuguese and Swahili, is the latest evolutionary step of Great Britain’s venerable media giant. As is to be expected, the primary focus of the website is breaking news, and true to BBC traditions, the news offered here in text and video is international in scope and significance. The site connects its visitors to 72 BBC news bureaus overseas and to more than 2,000 journalists. The layout is clear, the options myriad. From the diligently updated “front page” stories, navigation to the news and information about entertainment, sport, science, religion, food, business, travel, weather and other subjects, including “Future,” as one link is labeled, is easy and quick. The site offers access to the BBC World Service and an online course in speaking English, as well as tutorials in French, German, Spanish and Italian. With this truly worldly site the BBC has continued, expanded and enhanced one of the greatest traditions in electronic media, and for this receives a Peabody Award.


Executive Producers: Steve Herrmann, James Montgomery, Nathalie Malinarich, Claudia Milne. Producers: Ben Bevington, Adam Blenford, Jude Sheerin, Kate Dailey. Writers: Daniel Nasaw, Pia Gadkari, Taylor Brown. Videographers: Franz Strasser, Matt Danzico, David Botti