Winner 2009

BART Shooting


Early on January 1, 2009, on a station platform of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system in Oakland, California, BART Police officer Johannes Mehserle shot Oscar Grant to death. There was no question as to the victim or the shooter. Numerous bystanders and riders on the BART system recorded the incident on video. Very quickly a videographer from KTVU television was also on the scene, recording the immediate aftermath. From that time forward, as claims, counter-claims and explanations were offered by all involved, KTVU covered events related to Grant’s death. While citizens rioted in protest, attorneys voiced opinions and BART officials and police officers offered justifications and were challenged by individuals and groups, the station provided viewers with detailed information and follow-up investigations. Station reporters interviewed key participants and analyzed the case from varying points of view. As more video emerged from citizens who were present at the scene, KTVU aired the material, offering comparisons and multiple perspectives. When pre-trial hearings began, KTVU fought, unsuccessfully, for the use of cameras in the courtroom. It is a battle that continues, following the case to Los Angeles, where the trial has been moved. For careful and thorough coverage that served a community in a time of tragedy and crisis, a Peabody Award goes to KTVU’s coverage of the BART Shooting.


Executive Producer: Cristina Gastelu. News Director: Ed Chapuis. Assistant News Director: Janice Gin. Assignment Editor: Cameron Rogers. Assignment Manager: Jay Martinez. Reporters: Claudine Wong, Rita Williams, David Stevenson, Ken Pritchett, Mike Mibach, Ken Wayne. Editor: Ron Acker. Photographer: Randee Deason. Managing Editor, Bill Murray.