Interactive 2018


The Marshall Project in partnership with Longreads

Using a combination of video, evocative photo essays and interactive maps and graphics, “Banished” tells the story of sex offenders in Miami-Dade County who have been left homeless due to increasingly restrictive housing and registration laws. A complicated and conflicting piece, The Marshall Project’s ambitious storytelling compels the reader to confront weighing morality against humanity and ask the question: “How do you build a life in the shadows of a society that no longer wants you?”


Reporting: Beth Schwartzapfel & Emily Kassie. Text: Beth Schwartzapfel. Video/Photo: Emily Kassie. Additional cinematography: Aidan Shipley, Dominic Easter. Drone Photography: William Ciani. Video Editing: Emily Kassie. Additional Video Editing: Elise Coker and Juhui Kwon. Creative Direction/Design: Emily Kassie, Alex Tatusian. Development/Design: Katie Park, Gabe Isman, Anna Flagg. Motion Graphics: Yaniv Fridman.