Winner 2006

Baghdad ER

HBO Documentary Films, in association with Feury/Grant Productions and Downtown Community Television Center

Baghdad ER, an unflinching look at the Iraq War from the perspective of the 86th Combat Support Hospital in the center of the besieged capital, is surely one of the most revealing documentaries ever to explore the human toll of war. Filmed over a two-month period during the summer of 2005 and presented without commentary or narration, the film puts human faces on the war’s cold casualty statistics. Doctors and nurses fight to save the lives of wounded soldiers who are brought into the facility on an alarmingly routine basis. New techniques save lives. Lives saved all too often face the consequences of brutal injury. Courage and commitment define the efforts of soldiers and those who care for them under the most horrific conditions. For its painfully honest documentation of the day-to-day hardship, humanity, heroism and sacrifice of U.S. military and medical personnel, Baghdad ER is presented a Peabody Award.


Executive producers: Sheila Nevins and Lee Grant. Supervising producer: Sara Bernstein. Producers: Joseph Feury, Jon Alpert, Matthew O’Neill. Directors: Jon Alpert, Matthew O’Neill. Field producer: Carrie Goldman. Line producer: Roberta Morris. Editors: Patrick McMahon, Carrie Goldman.