Winner 1949

Author Meets the Critics

ABC Radio

Author Meets The Critics has been heard regularly over the air for the past ten years, first as a radio program, and then, beginning in July 1947, as both a radio and television feature. The producer, Martin Stone, has courageously persevered with the program although, more often than not, it lacked a sponsor and actually represented a financial loss to him, in addition to all the work put into it. Today, Author Meets The Critics is recognized all over the country as the most provocative, literate and exciting program concerning books on the air. John McCaffery, the urbane host in the program, is an able editor, swift to recognize the more lively and meaningful of the new books; he is a moderator possessed of manners and good taste; he is a referee whose good temper helps to reveal to us the force of criticism, and the integrity of authorship. To all of those responsible for this program, the George Foster Peabody Radio Award for education.