Winner 2000


WGBH-TV, Cinar Corporation

Arthur—PBS’s top-rated, animated children’s series based on the popular books by Marc Brown—is a show about growing up, exploring the world, and finding your place. Produced for three-to-eight year olds, Arthur focuses on that time of life when children find inner strengths, learn to make choices for themselves, and take responsibility for them. Whether facing down a bully, worrying about a new teacher, or being the very last person on earth to lose his baby teeth, Arthur and his friends solve their third-grade crises with imagination, kindness, humor, and grace. Arthur guides his young audience through energetic, emotional stories that deal with real “kid’s issues,” timeless difficulties and situations that all children face. Above all, Arthur tells stories from a child’s point of view, with out moralizing or talking down, and empowers children to work through their own problems. Intelligently created for broadcast by executive producers Carol Greenwald and Peter Moss with producers Geoff Adams, Marc Brown, Cassandra Schafhausen, Lesley Taylor, and Pierre Valette, and director Greg Bailey, Arthur has educated both children and parents alike for decades. Free activity booklets reinforcing issues from each episode are available, as well as a highly informative website that provides information and further encourages learning. A Peabody Award is presented to Arthur for its easygoing attitude, embracing intelligence and encouragement of self-empowerment and further learning for children everywhere.