Winner 1988

. . .and the Pursuit of Happiness

WTTW-TV, in association with Chloe Productions, Inc.

The American story has been told countless times. It is the story of following a dream across an ocean or a continent and realizing the dream in the “land of opportunity.” But the story persists because it is such a rich and interesting one, this blending of the peoples of the earth into one society. So it is with Louis Malle’s excellent mosaic of the American landscape. He finds the humor as well as the pathos in the newest group of American immigrants and holds both up for viewers to see. The result is a fresh and perceptive telling of the American story from the perspective of someone with European roots. It is a people-centered show that catches viewers’ attention and imagination because they can see their own families, their own ancestry in the program. For reminding us of our heritage and our present, a Peabody to . . . and the Pursuit of Happiness.