Winner 1967

An Evening At Tanglewood


A Berkshire sunset followed by dusk and twilight at Tanglewood were brought tastefully to television last summer by NBC, accompanied by a glorious two-hour concert of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Erich Leinsdorf. Seldom has television presented music more attractively to a national audience. Mozart, Dvorak, Saint-Saens, and Tchaikovsky never dreamed that an audience of millions could share their music live in such a handsome outdoor setting. The founders of the Berkshire Festival never conceived that the lovely gardens and grounds of Tanglewood could be seen in color by people in all parts of this nation. When the evening ended, the thundering cannons and fireworks of the 1812 Overture left music lovers with a fulfilled ambition. For others, it created a new love of music. For all, it was an encounter with rare beauty. In recognition, this Peabody Award for outstanding television entertainment for 1967.