Winner 1993

American Masters: Paul Simon—Born at the Right Time

Thirteen/WNET, New York, New York, MTM Enterprises, Inc., in association with EuroArts/Brilliant Media

The music of Paul Simon chronicles post-war America, from its roots in rhythm and blues, to emergence of the folk scene, to folk-rock, to the world music genre so popular today. This documentary effectively captures the personal odyssey of the performer and the times in which he has lived and worked. Paul Simon – Born At The Right Time transcends the standard rock biography. Executive producer Susan Lacy and director Susan Steinberg use Mr. Simon’s recent world tour to reflect on his influence on various musical styles, musicians and political leaders. As memorable as the music are the recollections of Mr. Simon’s former partner Art Garfunkel, family members, friends, and fans. At the end, we feel a sense of participation in the role music plays in promoting personal growth and social change. For providing a model artist profile, a Peabody to American Masters: Paul Simon—Born At The Right Time.