Winner 2005

American Masters: No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

Thirteen/WNET New York, Grey Water Park Productions, Spitfire Pictures, Cappa/DeFina Productions, in co-production with Vulcan Productions, BBC/Arena, and NHK

In an event that has brought together Bob Dylan and Martin Scorsese, No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, is a monumental documentary that focuses on the singer-songwriter’s life and music from 1961-66 and includes never-seen performance footage and interviews with artists and musicians whose lives intertwined with Dylan’s during that time. Dylan talks openly and extensively about this critical period in his career, detailing the journey from his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota, to Greenwich Village, New York, where he became the center of a musical and cultural upheaval, the effects of which are still felt today. Dylan’s multi-faceted personality, complete with characteristics that sometimes annoyed or even angered fans and friends as well as his critics, is revealed through director Scorsese’s skillful editing of interviews, archival footage, and performance films. The result is a work of remarkable scope and insight that captures, as far as possible, the essence of a man, his music and poetry, and his vanguard era. As Scorsese says, “There is no other musical artist who weaves his influences so densely to create something so personal and unique.” Scorsese also served as producer, with Susan Lacy, Jeff Rosen, Nigel Sinclair and Anthony Wall, with executive producers Gub Neal and Justin Thomson-Glover, associate producers April Hayes and Chelsea Hoffman and line producer Tia Lessin. For bringing us an intimate, historical, and times-changing portrait of an American master, a Peabody goes to No Direction Home: Bob Dylan.


Executive Producers: Paul G. Allen, Jody Patton, Jeff Rosen, Nigel Sinclair, Susan Lacy, Anthony Wall, Richard Hutton, Nobuo Isobe, Barbara DeFina. Co-executive Producers: Gub Neal, Guy East, Justin Thomson-Glover. Producers: Jeff Rosen, Susan Lacy, Nigel Sinclair, Anthony Wall, Martin Scorsese, Margaret Bodde. Director: Martin Scorsese.