Winner 1991

America Undercover: Heil Hitler! Confessions of a Hitler Youth

Home Box Office

More than fifty years have passed since the Third Reich stole the innocence from the children of Germany. This gripping documentary is based on the life of Alfons Heck, who as a Hitler Youth rose to high command and received the Iron Cross from Der Fuhrer’s own hands. In Mr. Heck’s view, the experience of the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany constituted a massive case of child abuse and he believes it could happen again. Arthur Holch, producer, Arthur Ginsburg, editor, and Sheila Nevins, executive producer for Home Box Office, make extensive use of archival footage to dramatize an extraordinary and terrible movement from the point of view of a child determined to fulfill his destiny as a member of the master race. For this chilling and timely reminder of the not-so-distant past, a Peabody to Home Box Office for America Undercover: Heil Hitler! Confessions of a Hitler Youth.


Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins. Producer: Arthur Holch. Editor: Arthur Ginsburg.