Winner 1986

AIDS Lifeline


In the words of a respected member of the Peabody Board, combating the AIDS epidemic may be this nation’s single most important task. And, as might be expected, many broadcasters have responded to this challenge with innovative and informative programs and other public service efforts. However, few can hope to match the level of commitment demonstrated by KPIX-TV. Rarely in the history of the awards has so much effort been focused upon a single project by a single local television station. Under the leadership of General Manager Carolyn Wean, KPIX-TV has led the effort to inform, educate, and most importantly, improve the health of its viewers. For providing a lifeline of assistance to the victims of this insidious disease, for helping debunk the stereotypes and closed-mindedness the disease engenders and for mobilizing research into its treatment and cure, a Peabody Award to KPIX-TV.