Winner 1987

AIDS and You


In the past four years the spread of the AIDS virus has variously engendered hysteria, homophobia, ignorance and misinformation. What has often been missing in the media has been direct, straightforward discussion about how the disease is acquired and prevented. AIDS and You provides precisely this kind of public service for the citizens of Vancouver. In sparse, effective narration, writer and host Linden Soles provides specific information about the etiology and treatment of the disease. The graphics and animation explain rather than confuse. Most importantly, viewers are provided social and behavioral models to emulate. Here, “safe sex” is more than a slogan. It is a specific plan of action to reduce one’s risk of getting AIDS. In the words of one Peabody Board member, “This documentary should be required viewing” For a program of candor and compelling directness, a Peabody to CKVU-TV, Vancouver for AIDS and You.