ABC News 20/20 in collaboration with The Courier Journal: Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor

ABC News 20/20 + Courier Journal

Say Her Name.” The imperative to bring Breonna Taylor’s story into the ongoing conversations surrounding police brutality in the U.S. was a demand for justice. Those three words were a call to remember what took place on the late night of March 13, 2020 when police officers shot her dead in her own home. Honoring that sentiment, The Courier Journal and ABC News’ two-hour documentary special on 20/20 presents a holistic picture of the events that led to that fateful evening and the protests it engendered. Tracing the botched police investigations and operation that resulted in officers arriving at Taylor’s apartment building, “Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor” is a lucid investigation that goes for the granular without losing sight of the systemic and structural fissures those details illuminate.

Interviews, digital reconstructions, police reports, and 911 calls anchor the solid reporting while the use of social media videos and family testimonials paint Taylor as more than the symbol she’s become. For crafting a portrait of Taylor’s life with empathetic journalistic rigor and offering an exhaustive forensic investigation on her death, “Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor” wins a Peabody Award.