Winner 1997

POV: A Healthy Baby Girl

Judith Helfand Productions, P.O.V./The American Documentary, Independent Television Service

Intensely intimate and at the same time heartbreakingly universal, A Healthy Baby Girl eloquently addresses the ways in which filmmaker Judith Helfand’s DES-related cancer affected not only her physical health, but also the health of her relationships with the people around her. Ultimately, the story Ms. Helfand tells is the universal tale of how toxic exposure affects all of us. A Healthy Baby Girl follows the film maker over a five-year span, documenting the tears and tense moments, as well as the laughter and hope as she battles the cancer caused by DES, a drug prescribed to her mother during pregnancy. In this unique, intensely personal story, Helfand documents her own experience as an activist, a DES-related cancer patient, and daughter of two loving but anxious parents, Ms. Helfand emerges as a complex individual, overcoming a personal and public tragedy. For a brilliantly spirited, stunningly intimate video diary, documenting the very personal, yet highly public issue of man-made carcinogens, a Peabody goes to Judith Helfand Productions, P.O.V./The American Documentary, and the Independent Television Service, for A Healthy Baby Girl.