Winner 1992

ABC News Nightline Special: 72 Hours to Victory: Behind the Scenes with Bill Clinton

ABC News Nightline Special, Capital Cities/ABC, Inc.

In the final three days preceding the 1992 presidential election, Ted Koppel and ABC News Nightline were granted extraordinary access to candidate Bill Clinton, his campaign headquarters, and his inner circle of advisors, pollsters, and handlers. It is one thing to receive such access; it is another to interweave a variety of interviews and appearances across the nation into timely and thoughtful analysis. This is precisely what is achieved in this outstanding and revealing report. Editorial manager and anchor Ted Koppel, ably assisted by executive producer Tom Bettag, senior producers Mark Nelson and C. Scott Willis, and director Tony Barrett provided some of the most innovative angles on the presidential election of 1992. For unusual and important campaign reporting, a Peabody to 72 Hours To Victory: Behind the Scenes with Bill Clinton.


Executive Producer: Tom Bettag. Producers: Mark Nelson, C. Scott Willis. Director: Tony Barrett. Editorial Manager/Anchor: Ted Koppel.