Winner 1993

60 Minutes: The CIA’s Cocaine

CBS News

For more than two decades, the underground press has claimed CIA involvement in drug trafficking. It took the investigative skills and the exceptional interviewing abilities of senior correspondent Mike Wallace to finally make the allegations stick. In this investigative report, 60 Minutes once again demonstrates why it is a landmark series in American television history. By revealing the story of a covert CIA operation in Venezuela that led to an unabated flood of cocaine into this country. 60 Minutes performs a vital public service, as it has for more than a quarter of a century. For this, senior correspondent Mike Wallace, producer Debra DeLuca, and the entire 60 Minutes staff led by legendary executive producer Don Hewitt, is recognized with a Peabody, its seventh.


Executive Producer: Don Hewitt. Producer: Debra DeLuca. Correspondent: Mike Wallace.