Winner 2000

60 Minutes II: Death by Denial

CBS News

In this powerful five-month probe, 60 Minutes II: Death by Denial outlines the critical plight of 23 million Africans suffering from HIV and AIDS related illnesses. Correspondent Ed Bradley interviews patients, heads of state, government officials and members of grassroots organizations to bring one of the biggest international health stories of the past year to light. The complex AIDS crisis is made even more poignant by the poverty levels of African citizens, indifference of major drug companies, and the lack of government funds for education and prevention programs and the even fewer treatment programs. In some cases the worst enemy in AIDS prevention has been governmental denial that an epidemic is sweeping the African continent. Throughout the program, numerous responsible officials try unsuccessfully to evade pointed questions regarding proven treatments and statistics on the sick and dying in this pandemic. Brilliantly assembled by executive producer Jeffrey Fager; producers David Gelber and Helen Malmgren, and field producers Michael Bonner, Sarah Carter, Adam Ciralsky and Michael Zarzis, this multifaceted account focuses attention on Africa’s suffering throngs. 60 Minutes II: Death by Denial reveals a complex yet very human story of the immense tragedy continuing to unfold in Africa, and for this, merits a Peabody Award.