Winner 2004

60 Minutes II: Abuse at Abu Ghraib

CBS News

The truism that television is a visual medium was confirmed in this report. But here the visual component consisted primarily of a set of still photographs that shocked viewers throughout the world and raised questions that are in many instances still open. Preparation of the report began long before it was aired. Details were checked. A court martial investigation was in process prior to the presentation of the report. 60 Minutes II became the first news organization to gain access to the Taguba Report and other documents that included names of civilian contractors at the infamous prison as well as statements detailing their interrogation techniques. In the report military officials acknowledge the unconscionable behavior of the few who engaged in illegal and morally intolerable practices at Abu Ghraib. Executive producer Jeff Fager, executive editor Patti Hassler, senior broadcast producer Michael Whitney, with producers Mary Mapes and Dana Roberson, associate producer Roger Charles and reporter Dan Rather, provided the viewing public with a truly significant report that revealed one aspect of the terrors of war. For a straightforward examination of an unwelcome and frightening aspect of the war in Iraq, a Peabody goes to 60 Minutes II: Abuse at Abu Ghraib.


Executive Producers: Jeff Fager, Patti Hassler, Mike Whitney. Senior Broadcast Producer: Michael Whitney. Producers: Roger Charles, Mary Mapes, Dana Roberson. Executive Editor: Patti Hassler. Reporter: Dan Rather.