50 Years After the War

Television Broadcasts Ltd.

Fifty years ago, Japan surrendered unconditionally to end World War II. However, the wounds inflicted upon Asia remain. This three-part investigative series by Television Broadcasts Limited in Hong Kong explores and documents the war in Asia and its international legacy. The Topic of 50 Years After the War is the behavior of Japan during and after the war and the impact of Japan’s imperialism on Asian life. There is powerful investigative reporting here, including revelations of forced labor, mass rape and murder, chemical warfare and toxic human experimentation, and the persistent efforts in Japan and elsewhere to downplay, distort or deny war crimes. For important international investigative journalism, a Peabody to executive producer Emily Wong Yuk-Kit, supervising producer Nancy Li Man-Ching, program director Donald Lo Yun-Fai and the rest of the outstanding reporting team at Television Broadcasts Ltd., Kowloon, Hong Kong, for 50 Years After the War.