Winner 1984

24 Hour Blizzard Coverage

KFGO Radio

On February 4, 1984, the worst blizzard in four decades hit the Red River Valley. Those thousands themselves trapped by the snow or who had loved ones caught in its midst were able to find a port in the storm through the extraordinary emergency coverage provided by KFGO Radio in Fargo, North Dakota. KFGO personnel were on the air for 24 hours providing listeners with storm updates, survival tips and travel information. For seventeen hours the station opened its phone lines to allow messages to missing loved ones over the air, many of whom were trapped in cars awaiting emergency aid. This coverage is an example of public service at its best, a station serving its audience in a unique way during a time of local crisis. For the commitment, compassion, and dedication shown by the entire staff at KFGO Radio, a Peabody Award.