Winner 2005

15% of the United States


15% of the United States masterfully deciphers past, present, and future concerns faced by the Latino community. Instead of running 15% of the United States as a 90-minute special, KMEX decided to air the information on its evening news broadcast in short, yet comprehensive segments. This 19-part series, based on the book La Nueva California, Latinos in the Golden State by UCLA professor Dr. David E. Hayes-Bautista, features interviews with prominent representatives of the Latino community and tackles issues that face this rapidly growing population. Those interviewed include U.S. Senators Ken Salazar and Bob Menendez, Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa, Cardinal Roger Mahoney, and actor Edward James Olmos. Since Latinos make up 43 million of the 297 million people in the United States, KMEX realized that issues of immigration, health, politics, and economy are not just of concern to the Latino community, but to all Americans. In keeping with their mission to provide a public service to the community at large, the station prepared an English-language version of the series, going so far as to re-shoot interviews in English, and using subtitles only when absolutely necessary. Anchors/writers/producers Claudia Botero, Rolando Nichols, and Oswaldo Borraez are to be commended for their substantive reporting, as is executive producer/director Jorge Mettey for his program vision. For their effort to inform the public about the fastest growing minority in the United States, and for bridging the gap between the English and Spanish speaking population by making the program accessible to both, a Peabody award goes to 15% of the United States.


Executive Producer: Jorge Mettey. Producers: Claudia Botero, Rolando Nichols, Oswaldo Borraez. Director: Jorge Mettey. Correspondents: Claudia Botero, Rolando Nichols, Oswaldo Borraez. Guests: Tony Saca, Ken Salazar, Bob Menendez, Tom Tancredo, Ron Unz, Bill Richardson, Antonio Villaraigosa, Roger Mahoney, Edward James Olmos. Writers: Claudia Botero, Rolando Nichols, Oswaldo Borraez, David E. Hayes-Bautista (Author of adapted work). Videographers: Arturo Quezada, Juan Hernandez.