The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

  • 2018 Nominees
    In April 2019, the Peabody Awards Board of Jurors selected 60 nominees representing the most compelling and empowering stories released in electronic media during 2018. Each year, nominees are chosen from approximately 1,300 entries across news, entertainment, documentary, children's, public service, and web/interactive programming. From this group, 30 programs are chosen to receive the coveted award.
  • A Dangerous Son
    A Dangerous Son

    2018 A view into the myriad challenges parents face when raising children with mental health issues, the film shines a light on the link between mental illness...

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  • Anatomy of a Killing
    Anatomy of a Killing

    2018 A masterful example of using open source technology and meticulous reporting, BBC Africa Eye collaborated with Amnesty International, the...

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  • Aquí y Ahora: The Faces of the Immigration Crisis
    Aquí y Ahora: The Faces of the Immigration Crisis

    As tensions between the United States and Mexico increased, Aquí y Ahora sent teams to the border as well as Central America to...

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  • Atypical

    A unique comedy about love, family, and what it really means to be “normal,” told largely from the perspective of an 18-year-old autistic...

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  • Back of the Class
    Back of the Class

    2018 Reporters Susannah Frame and Taylor Mirfendereski reveal the stunning failures of Washington public schools to provide support and...

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  • Bag Man
    Bag Man

    In-depth investigation and historic look by Rachel Maddow and Mike Yarvitz at the forced resignation of Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, the brash...

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  • Barry

    2018 "Saturday Night Live" alum Bill Hader has built a dark comedy off the unlikely premise of a hitman who really wants to be an actor and earnestly pursues his dream under...

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  • Believed

    2018 A searing account of how Larry Nassar got away with abusing hundreds of women and girls for more than two decades, this podcast is also...

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  • Blue Planet II
    Blue Planet II

    A view of our oceans using the latest diving and submarine technologies reveals we have more in common with, and are more connected...

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  • Brides & Brothels: The Rohingya Trade
    Brides & Brothels: The Rohingya Trade

    The fate of three Rohingya girls who survived violence in Myanmar only to be forced into child marriage and prostitution in Bangladesh exposes...

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  • Buried Truths
    Buried Truths

    2018 Journalist Hank Klibanoff and his Emory University students investigate the death of Isaiah Nixon, a black man gunned down outside his...

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  • Caliphate

    2018 When the tanks rolled out of towns and cities liberated from ISIS control, Rukmini Callimachi moved in, searching for diaries, receipts, computer...

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  • Cambridge Analytica
    Cambridge Analytica

    2018 In coordination with The Guardian and The New York Times, Channel 4's exposé shows the vulnerability of personal data to harvesting and...

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  • CBS News Special: 39 Days
    CBS News Special: 39 Days

    Documentary follows the timeline of the tumultuous events from the first day of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to the...

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  • Ear Hustle
    Ear Hustle

    Stories of life inside prison, shared by those living it, including that of co-host Earlonne Woods, who, after the commutation of his life...

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  • Hannah Gadsby: Nanette
    Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

    2018 Comedian Hannah Gadsby makes a major statement about the social costs of laughing at someone, and about what it means to be the brunt of a joke. She brilliantly...

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  • Hilda

    The adventures of a fearless blue-haired girl as she moves from her home in a vast magical wilderness to the bustling city of...

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  • Homecoming

    An intense psychological thriller that transcends genre to explore the challenges faced by veterans re-entering civilian life. Based on Gimlet Media’s fictional podcast...

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  • I Am Evidence
    I Am Evidence

    The exploration of the alarming number of untested rape kits in the United States through a character-driven narrative brings much-needed attention to how...

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  • In The Dark (season 2)
    In The Dark (season 2)

    An investigative podcast that raises profound questions about whether the criminal justice system in America is fair and just. Season Two investigates the...

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  • Independent Lens: Dolores
    Independent Lens: Dolores

    2018 An exhilarating portrait of activist and community organizer Dolores Huerta that serves as a timely reminder of the power of collective...

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  • Independent Lens: I Am Not Your Negro
    Independent Lens: I Am Not Your Negro

    A film treatment of James Baldwin's unfinished project about the lives and successive assassinations of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King...

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  • Independent Lens: The Judge
    Independent Lens: The Judge

    2018 Filmmaker Erika Cohn chronicles the day-to-day challenges of the Middle East's first female Sharia law judge, Kholoud Faqih, offering a rare glimpse...

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  • Inside Yemen
    Inside Yemen

    Special correspondents Jane Ferguson and Marcia Biggs traveled at great personal risk to report on both sides of the conflict in Yemen, providing...

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  • Kept Out
    Kept Out

    2018 Although some might assume redlining—the practice of discouraging non-white people from living in certain neighborhoods by manipulating rentals...

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  • Killing Eve
    Killing Eve

    2018 The tense cat-and-mouse spy thriller—serving as a vehicle for amazing performances by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer—is also a masterful, playful recalibration of...

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  • Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart
    Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart

    2018 A tribute to Lorraine Hansberry's life and career as an essayist, journalist and playwright, and fearless advocate for social justice, the film mines...

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  • Minding the Gap
    Minding the Gap

    2018 Through a patient, observational lens and devastating interviews, filmmaker Bing Liu lays bare the pain and eventual hope he and his skateboarding friends...

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  • Monumental Lies
    Monumental Lies

    2018 Exploring the contested history surrounding monuments in the South and the Southwest, this nuanced report adds depth to current debates about how...

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  • My Brilliant Friend
    My Brilliant Friend

    The adaptation of the first of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Quartet novels follows two girls and their personal triumphs and tragedies against a setting...

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  • My World Was Burning: The North Bay Fires and What Went Wrong
    My World Was Burning: The North Bay Fires and What Went Wrong

    A review of thousands of 911 calls and dispatch recordings revealed major systemic problems with the state’s emergency response procedures, showing limitations of...

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  • NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Toxic School Water
    NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Toxic School Water

    A yearlong investigation about lead-contaminated water inside Nashville schools exposed a scandal that would make national news and result in a new law...

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  • Nima Elbagir: Human Rights Reporting
    Nima Elbagir: Human Rights Reporting

    In the past year, Nima Elbagir has continued to break ground in her coverage of human rights abuses in some of the world's...

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  • On the Fire Line
    On the Fire Line

    Investigation revealed a pattern of sexual harassment and rape within the U.S. Forest Service, as well as a widespread culture of retaliation against...

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  • Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj
    Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

    2018 Hasan Minhaj has created the perfect model for engaging his fellow millennials in contemporary politics and public life. With his trademark high-octane energy...

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  • Pose

    2018 Set in 1980s New York, "Pose" follows the ongoing rivalry between the established House of Abundance and the upstart House of Evangelista in an honest telling of trans and...

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  • QUEST: A Portrait of an American Family
    POV: QUEST: A Portrait of an American Family

    Director Jonathan Olshefski spent nearly a decade chronicling the daily triumphs and tragedies of the Raineys, a working class African-American family in North...

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  • Survivors
    POV: Survivors

    Filmmaker Arthur Pratt takes viewers to the communities of Sierra Leone during the 2014 Ebola outbreak to highlight a few of the unsung...

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  • The Apology
    POV: The Apology

    2018 Writer/director Tiffany Hsiung follows the personal journeys of three surviving "comfort women," forced into institutionalized sexual slavery during World War II...

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  • Whose Streets?
    POV: Whose Streets?

    An unflinching look at the uprising in Ferguson, Missouri, after the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer...

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  • Random Acts of Flyness
    Random Acts of Flyness

    2018 Breaking the mold of what we think television is and can be, "Random Acts of Flyness" ponders what it means to be young and black in America and produces a layered...

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  • Separated: Children at the Border
    Separated: Children at the Border

    2018 In response to the U.S. government's decision to separate migrant children from their parents in processing centers, FRONTLINE shows...

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  • Shirkers

    Filmmaker Sandi Tan returns to her native Singapore to explore traumatic memories of a man who both enabled and thwarted her dreams to...

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  • Spartan Silence: Crisis at Michigan State
    Spartan Silence: Crisis at Michigan State

    2018 A precise demonstration of how rape culture works systemically, and the traumatic and horrible costs it has on women's lives. Through...

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  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe

    2018 On its surface, Rebecca Sugar's animated series develops a complex mythology centering around the Crystal Gems—"polymorphic sentient rocks" who protect young Steven and...

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  • Student/Trafficked

    In 2016, the team of investigative journalists at R.AGE started receiving reports that young Bangladeshi men and women were being trafficked to Malaysia...

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  • The Americans
    The Americans

    2018 If a great drama series is judged—at least, in part—by the way its story ends, then "The Americans" can easily be counted among the best TV shows in history. Over six...

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  • The Bleeding Edge
    The Bleeding Edge

    Comprehensive investigation into how corporate malfeasance in the medical device industry, coupled with the FDA's lax regulation, has resulted in devices being linked...

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  • The Chi
    The Chi

    A series about what it means to be black and human on the South Side of Chicago, and the complex journeys of people...

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  • The Daily
    The Daily

    Roughly 20-minute episodes each morning put real people—a farmer, a taxi driver, an undocumented worker, a Congress member, an evangelical Christian, a Russian...

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  • The End of the Fucking World
    The End of the F***ing World

    2018 Teenage angst collides with dark British humor in this series about a self-identified psychopath and a wily high school rebel who seek adventure outside their...

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  • The Facebook Dilemma
    The Facebook Dilemma

    2018 This in-depth investigation into the Silicon Valley giant reveals a corporation that willfully ignored warnings and shirked responsibility as it reveled in...

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  • The Good Place
    The Good Place

    2018 A Peabody nominee last year, Michael Schur's fantasy-comedy about the afterlife keeps refusing to follow the formulas of broadcast network sitcoms, constantly...

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  • The Jazz Ambassadors
    The Jazz Ambassadors

    2018 A momentous cultural achievement that looks at the important contribution of jazz music and musicians to Cold War diplomacy, American race relations, emerging...

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  • The Plastic Problem
    The Plastic Problem

    2018 Correspondents Jeffrey Brown, Amna Nawaz and Paul Solman take an in-depth look at how our dependence on plastic is affecting ecosystems...

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  • The Rape of Recy Taylor
    The Rape of Recy Taylor

    The story of one African American woman's refusal to remain silent after being raped by white teens in 1944 shines a light on...

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  • The Runaways
    This American Life Episode #657: The Runaways

    An examination into how Long Island police failed to investigate a series of gang murders when the victims were immigrant teenagers, missing leads...

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  • This Close
    This Close

    A series exploring the universal themes of love and friendship in its many permutations from the perspective of two best friends (who also...

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  • $2 Tests: Bad Arrests
    $2 Tests: Bad Arrests

    2018 In a prime example of the ripple effect of excellent local investigate reporting, reporter Randy Travis delves into the reliability of...

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  • Zero Tolerance
    Zero Tolerance

    The interactive website that broke the original audio recording of a 6-year-old child separated from her mother at a Border Patrol detention facility...

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