Apply for the Peabody Awards Internship Agency

*All UGA undergrads are invited to apply. Deadline: October 11, 11:59p. Those selected will enroll in JRLC 5990, T/R 11-12:15*

The Peabody Awards is the industry’s most prestigious awards-granting institution and has been a vital part of the Grady profile for nearly 80 years. We have a new experiential learning course to replace the Peabody Student Honor Board called the Peabody Internship Agency (PIA). The objective of the PIA course is to create a collaborative and convergent internship opportunity for all Grady students to work on Peabody’s mission of bringing attention to “stories that matter.” The course includes individual internship tracks for video production and editing students, journalism students, advertising/public relations/marketing students, and student researchers. Students from all UGA departments or schools outside of Grady may apply to any of these tracks.

With great source materials to work with (including recent winners from entertainment like Insecure, Pose, Barry, and The Good Place, as well as journalism and documentaries from NPR, PBS, ProPublica, and The New York Times), in this course, you’sll enhance your professional credentials while creating impressive samples for your portfolio.

In the first part of the semester, each of the tracks will work on smaller projects related to their majors for Peabody’s digital network, website, and iOS app (such as sizzles and other videos, newspaper and magazine articles, and marketing, PR, and promotional materials). In the second part, all the tracks will work together with Peabody staff and the Archives on a large-scale capstone project: a special screening and panel event at the Morton Theatre, to further engage the student body, alumni, and the Athens community.

As a high-profile, nationally respected media institution and media production agency, Peabody is a smart move for anyone seeking an experiential or internship opportunity.

Application Requirements:

Materials Needed to Apply (all sent to by 11:59p, Friday, Oct. 11):
1. Cover letter (around 1-2 pages single spaced)
2. Resume with professional or academic references listed with names, emails, and phone numbers
3. Up to 4 samples of relevant work

In your cover letter, please address ALL 6 questions below:
· Which the four internship tracks you are applying for (any major may apply to any of these tracks)
(A) Video Production and/or Editing Track
(B) Journalism Track
(C) Advertising/PR/Marketing Track
(D) Researcher/Investigator Track

· Your major (or intended major)

· Why you are a good fit for the internship overall and what you hope to gain from it

· What specific skills you have within your track (for example, someone applying to the Video Production Track might discuss their specific editing skills or what kind of research tools those in the Research/Investigation Track have utilized)

· Discuss your relevant work samples and what your role was in creating them

· Discuss three examples of project ideas you would recommend for the track to which you are applying

Video Production and/or Editing Track:

Video Production Intern:
Our Video Production Team will work together closely with student researchers to produce a few different video projects throughout the course of the semester celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Peabody Awards. These video projects will be will be featured on our website, our iOS app, and possibly even screened at the Peabody Awards this June in Los Angeles, they will also be preserved in perpetuity by the University of Georgia Special Collections Library. The Video Production Intern will leave this course with several impressive portfolio samples that engage with national media winners/nominees and feature the Peabody brand.

Sample Projects:
Examples of projects this team will work on include producing materials that the University and Peabody might disseminate through their digital networks, such as a sizzle reel for the Peabody Archives collection, spotlights and other short videos highlighting stories from winners and nominees, and shorts featuring our Peabody fellows or other cultural conversations. The capstone project will be to work with each of the other tracks on prepping an end-of-the-semester screening of clips that will include these sizzles and video shorts.

Eligibility Description:
The Video Production Intern is a smart, hardworking, creative, and collaborative student who is passionate about and skilled in at least one aspect of video production. Examples of ideal candidates include those with experience in at least one of any of the following:

· Pre-production (planning shoots, coordinating needs, finding stories, etc.)

· Production (filming, lighting, sound, etc.)

· And especially those with post-production experience (editing and distribution)

Note: Preference will be given to those who have training in production and can submit a sampling of their work.

· Passion and a true interest in video production or editing

· Access to and experience with either:
(A) Appropriate camera and/or equipment to do what you do best
(B) Professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

· Excellent communication, presentation, and leadership skills

· Outstanding organizational and time management skills

· Attention to detail

· Strong self-motivation

Journalism Track:

Editorial Intern:
Our Editorial Team will be print and broadcast journalism students who work closely with student researchers and previous Peabody winners and nominees to write and/or curate/edit articles over the course of the semester. Some of these articles will appear on the Peabody Media Center website and our iOS app while others will be pitched to local press including The Red and Black, Athens Banner Herald, AJC, and Flagpole. Broadcasting-oriented journalism students are also welcome to apply, and they can write and pitch package stories to local broadcasting outlets. The Editorial Intern will leave this course with several impressive portfolio samples that engage with national media winners/nominees and feature the Peabody brand.

Sample Projects:
Examples of projects include articles about Peabody winners and nominees, pieces written by our faculty fellows that editors will edit and shepherd, and stories highlighting overarching issues as demonstrated over the years in the Peabody Archive (e.g. stories that document issues of criminal justice reform and race, of sexual assault/harassment, of LGBTQ people, etc). The capstone project will be to work with each of the other tracks by writing pieces ahead of an end-of-the-semester screening that the Editorial Intern will also help coordinate.

Eligibility Description:
The Editorial Intern is a curious, creative, dedicated, and collaborative student who loves writing and/or editing and understands how to tailor stories for the University community and a social media audience. The ideal candidate will be a skilled writer/editor who can submit several writing/editing samples.

· 1+ years of student journalism and writing experience and/or extensive editing experience (coursework counts)

· Willing to actively pitch pieces to local and regional publications

· Ability to work well on a team

Advertising, PR, and Marketing Track:

AdPR, Social Media, and Events Intern:
Our AdPR, Social Media and Events interns will be a team of students who publicize the stories/video productions, promote the Peabody Brand, and work with Peabody staff to create a more robust social media presence for the Peabody Media Center. This Internship team will also coordinate and promote a major capstone screening event for the Athens community. The AdPR, Social Media, and Events Intern will leave this course with several impressive portfolio samples that engage with national media winners/nominees and feature the Peabody brand.

Sample Projects:
Examples of projects include producing marketing materials, promotion, and PR for recent Peabody winners and nominees as well as Peabody events. Students may also create ads that promote the stories and video productions created by the EMST and Journalism internship tracks as well as pitching those materials to regional or national press. The capstone project will be coordinating with the other tracks to promote and plan the details of a major screening/symposium at a local theatre venue.

Eligibility Description:
The Intern will have specialized in AdPR, Social Media, and/or events coordination, and will be an extremely creative, outgoing, and collaborative student unafraid of hard work.

· Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

· 1+ years of student experience (coursework counts) in any of the specialties

· Excellent time-management and organizational skills

· A creative approach to social media / outside-the-box ideas for developing a social media audience

Researcher/Investigator Track:

Researcher/Investigator Intern:
Our Researcher/Investigator Interns will be assigned to work directly with one of the above tracks (Video Production, Journalism, AdPR/Social Media/Events) as well as Grady’s research librarian, archivists at the Special Collections Library, Peabody winners/nominees, and/or community members. The Researcher/Investigator Intern will leave this course with several impressive portfolio samples that engage with national media winners/nominees and feature the Peabody brand.

Sample Projects:
Examples of projects include utilizing the Peabody Archive, other databases, and previous winners/nominees to source ideas and find answers to questions for video projects as well as stories for print and broadcast. The Researchers and Investigators will also watch materials and find artifacts in the Peabody Archive for a capstone project of a major screening at a local theatre venue.

Eligibility Description:
Our Researchers and Investigators will be creative, out-of-the-box thinking students who love history, spending time in libraries, finding answers to questions, and who can work well with others. No specific training is required, but Researchers and Investigators should be prepared to give successful examples of their work.

· Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

· Excellent time-management and organizational skills

· Quick response time to questions / fast research skills

· Experience using library and other research resources