The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards


Peabody Celebrates 75 Years


Long revered throughout the history of broadcasting as one of the world’s most prestigious awards,...

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Simon Kilmurry, Monica Pearson Join Board of Jurors


The Peabody Awards at the University of Georgia has appointed Simon Kilmurry, executive director of...

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Nickelodeon’s History of Peabody Wins


Today Nickelodeon provides a wide range of programs, from the standard animated cartoons such as...

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Henry Louis Gates: Genetics, Genealogy,...


Peabody-winner Henry Louis Gates Jr. is in point of fact a professor of African-American studies...

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Grace Lee Boggs, an American Revolutionary, Dies


Grace Lee Boggs, an Asian-American philosopher, writer and political activist who was the subject of...

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Advocating for The Advocates


If it please the court (of public opinion), I’d like to...

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As I Die Laughing: The Faulknerian...


What’s left to be said about The Simpsons as it begins its 27th season on...

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Kermit the Frog: Evergreen


Quite a few iconic TV characters made their first appearances in 1955: James Arness’ Gunsmoke...

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