The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

  • 2019 Nominees
    In April 2020, the Peabody Awards Board of Jurors selected 60 nominees representing the most compelling and empowering stories released in electronic media during 2019. Each year, nominees are chosen from approximately 1,300 entries across news, entertainment, documentary, children's, public service, and web/interactive programming. From this group, 30 programs are chosen to receive the coveted award.
  • 16 Shots (SHOWTIME)
    16 Shots

    This moving and impressively comprehensive forensic account from director Rick Rowley examines the killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Chicago police.

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  • 70 Million
    70 Million

    This standout series on criminal justice reform crosses the country to document the impact of local jails on people and communities.

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  • A Different Kind of Force: Policing Mental Illness (NBC News)
    A Different Kind of Force: Policing Mental Illness

    A poignant examination of how law enforcement officers tackle the challenge of policing people with mental illness that sagely approaches the complex topic from various standpoints.

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  • American Betrayal (NBC/MSNBC)
    American Betrayal

    Richard Engel reports on the U.S. decision to abandon their allies the Kurds, combining unflinching frontline coverage and thoughtful forensic analysis.

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  • American Factory (Netflix)
    American Factory

    Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert’s film offers an excellent fly-on-the-wall account of the arrival of the Fuyao factory and its Chinese leadership in Moraine, Ohio...

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  • Apollo 11 (CNN)
    Apollo 11

    Comprised entirely, and masterfully, of archival materials, the film is a riveting as-it-happened presentation of the 1969 NASA mission landing the first men on...

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  • Border Hustle
    Border Hustle

    A troubling account of those on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border profiting off migrants, from coyotes to ICE labor camps, and re-victimizing them.

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  • Capitol Hill Controversy (WTVF-TV)
    Capitol Hill Controversy

    A dogged, revelatory, and continuing investigation of highly toxic culture at the Tennessee state house.

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  • Chernobyl (HBO)

    This emotionally searing miniseries about the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster and political aftermath is written, acted, and composed to perfection.

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  • Coal's Deadly Dust (PBS)
    Coal's Deadly Dust

    Powerful, up-close investigation of the rise of black lung disease among coal miners, and the lack of effective response.

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  • David Makes Man (OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network)
    David Makes Man

    This visually stunning coming-of-age drama by Tarell Alvin McCraney follows a gifted 14-year-old African American boy (superbly acted by Akili McDowell) growing up in the...

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  • Detained

    This project tells the story from 1978 to now of the U.S. government's detention of asylum seekers, mixing archival footage, data analysis, interactivity, and...

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  • Dickinson (Apple TV+)

    While set in the appropriate time, this historical dramedy about famous poet Emily Dickinson is infused and energized by a fresh, contemporary sense and sensibility.

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  • Dolly Parton's America (WNYC)
    Dolly Parton's America

    Exploring how and why everyone loves Dolly Parton, the show's host, Jad Abumrad, and producer, Shima Oliaee, offer superb pop cultural, political, and artistic...

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  • Finding Fred (iHeartMedia)
    Finding Fred

    Carvell Wallace seeks the soul, magic, and ministry of Fred Rogers in a multipart podcast that asks a key, if under-asked, question for our day: How can we be...

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  • Fleabag (Prime Video)

    Phoebe Waller-Bridge writes and stars in the second season of the hilarious and caring show about a woman struggling with the death of a friend, and...

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  • Flint's Deadly Water (PBS/WGBH)
    Flint's Deadly Water

    An impressively comprehensive report on Flint, Michigan, focusing on the less-reported presence of Legionnaires' disease in the water.

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  • Float (Disney+)

    A figuratively and literally uplifting animated short about parenting a child who is different from their peers.

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  • For Sama (PBS)
    For Sama

    Composed as a love letter from co-director Waad al-Kateab to her daughter, and as an explanation of why she and her husband remained in besieged Aleppo...

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  • Gangster Capitalism: The College Admissions Scandal (C13Originals)
    Gangster Capitalism: The College Admissions Scandal

    The first season of the podcast mixes sterling and deep journalistic investigation with thoughtful framing analysis to explore 2019's college admissions...

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  • Good Omens (Prime Video)
    Good Omens

    This adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's novel about the unlikely friendship of an evil and a good angel and the march to the end of the world...

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  • Gospel Roots of Rock and Soul (WXPN)
    Gospel Roots of Rock and Soul

    Cece Winans hosts an engaging three-part documentary series celebrating and uncovering the influence of African American gospel music on early rock-and-roll...

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  • Have You Heard George's Podcast? (BBC Sounds)
    Have You Heard George's Podcast?

    George the Poet's richly evocative, sharply analytical, gorgeously composed, and utterly genre-defying podcast recounts and explores the black experience...

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  • Headlong: Running From COPS (Stitcher)
    Headlong: Running From COPS

    Dan Taberski's podcast explores the ethics, impact, and problems of the long-running reality show "COPS," offering as much fun as substance and analysis.

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  • In The Dark: The Path Home (APM Reports)
    In The Dark: The Path Home

    In the second season of this story, the In The Dark team once again set the benchmark for what truly superb true crime podcasts can and should be, digging into...

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    Intimately exploring the everyday lives of African Americans in rural Alabama through artistically rendered vignettes, director RaMell Ross captures...

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  • Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (if you're a girl) (A+E)
    Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (if you're a girl)

    The story of a skateboarding camp and school for girls in Afghanistan, Carol Dysinger's delightful film empathetically charts the young skaters as they...

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  • Leaving Neverland (HBO)
    Leaving Neverland

    A brave if deeply troubling account from Dan Reed of pop legend Michael Jackson's relationships with children, told through profiles of James...

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  • Long Island Divided
    Long Island Divided

    This investigation into discrimination in real estate and housing on Long Island, built upon tireless work over three years, deftly combines large data sets...

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  • Molly of Denali (PBS Kids)
    Molly of Denali

    This captivating animated show explores Alaskan Native culture and traditions though the eyes of young Molly.

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  • One Child Nation (Prime Video)
    One Child Nation

    Directors Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang powerfully explore the impact of China's one child policy on the parents and siblings who lost loved ones, on those...

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  • Our Boys (HBO)
    Our Boys

    Gripping and heart-wrenching, the series tells the story of the 2014 "retaliation" kidnapping and murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, and the ensuing investigation.

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  • Police. Arrest (Now News)
    Police. Arrest

    A bold and revelatory report into the Hong Kong police force's treatment of anti-extradition bill protesters.

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  • POV: América (PBS)
    POV: América

    A beautiful portrait from Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside of grandsons taking care of their charming 93-year-old grandmother in Colima, Mexico.

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  • POV: Inventing Tomorrow (PBS)
    POV: Inventing Tomorrow

    Laura Nix's inspiring profile of six amazing teenage scientists from around the world preparing for the Intel International Science and Engineering...

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  • POV: Midnight Traveler (PBS)
    POV: Midnight Traveler

    Filmed on phones by Hassan Fazili, this poignant autobiographical account of his refugee family’s journey from Afghanistan to Hungary is a beautiful...

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  • POV: Roll Red Roll (PBS)
    POV: Roll Red Roll

    Harrowing yet powerful retelling by Nancy Schwartzman of the 2012 rape of a teenage girl by members of a beloved high school football team in Steubenville...

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  • POV: The Distant Barking of Dogs (PBS)
    POV: The Distant Barking of Dogs

    This arrestingly beautiful film from Simon Lereng Wilmont follows a year in the life of a boy and his grandmother living on the frontlines of war...

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  • POV: The Silence of Others (PBS)
    POV: The Silence of Others

    Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar’s film offers a stunning reflection on fascism, memory, and forgetting by documenting the struggle of victims...

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  • Ramy (Hulu)

    Ramy Youssef writes and stars in a touching, thoughtful, and very funny sitcom focusing on a first-generation American Muslim and his family...

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  • Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Raced to Death - The Plight of the American Thoroughbred (HBO)
    Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Raced to Death—The Plight of the American Thoroughbred

    Hard-hitting and important account of the high incidence of racehorse deaths and their poor treatment in the United States.

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  • Sea of Shadows (National Geographic)
    Sea of Shadows

    This action-packed documentary examines the illegal trade from Mexican cartels to Chinese traffickers of the rare totoaba fish in the Sea of Cortez...

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  • Silencing Science (Public radio, Reveal)
    Silencing Science

    Timely and damning, this investigation into the Trump administration’s rejection and censorship of the science of climate change focuses...

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  • Stonewall OutLoud (StoryCorps)
    Stonewall OutLoud

    StoryCorps marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising by collecting and sharing a wide-ranging selection of often beautifully told...

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  • Stranger Things (Netflix)
    Stranger Things

    Season three continues the fun, nostalgic, horror-meets-sci-fi series about a group of adolescents fighting dark forces in their 1980s Indiana...

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  • Succession (HBO)

    Boasting one of the best ensembles on television, the second season of this satiric comic drama follows the devolution of the fictional...

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  • Surviving R. Kelly (Lifetime)
    Surviving R. Kelly

    Unflinching, brave, and impactful six-part series based on interviews with women who survived alleged sexual abuse from R&B superstar...

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  • The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow (Pineapple Street Studios)
    The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow

    Ronan Farrow immerses listeners in the story about bringing Harvey Weinstein to justice.

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  • The Edge of Democracy (Netflix)
    The Edge of Democracy

    Telling the epic tragedy of what happened in Brazil, from Lula to Bolsonaro, this film from director Petra Costa commandingly and...

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  • The Hidden Workforce: Undocumented in America (CNN)
    The Hidden Workforce: Undocumented in America

    The special report on undocumented labor across rural America humanizes those who live in the shadows yet contribute to their communities...

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  • The Invisibles (NBC5/KXAS-TV)
    The Invisibles

    This Dallas-Fort Worth report explores the previously untold story of Texas-born children deported to Mexico who are unable to get paperwork...

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  • Threshold: The Refuge (Montana Public Radio)
    Threshold: The Refuge

    This five-part series examines the battle for the future of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and opens up into a superb account of environmental...

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  • Treasure Island 2020 (BYUradio)
    Treasure Island 2020

    This wonderfully fun podcast inventively reworks Robert Louis Stevenson's classic, now with time traveling pirates.

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  • True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight for Equality (HBO)
    True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight for Equality

    A superb profile of the remarkable Bryan Stevenson and his work seeking justice for death row inmates amounts to a searing indictment...

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  • Unbelievable (Netflix)

    The superb dramatization of intersecting, albeit vastly-differently-executed investigations into a serial rapist, features standout...

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  • Unwarranted (WBBM-TV)

    A moving investigation of Chicago police raiding the wrong houses that chillingly recounts the traumatization of many children...

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  • Warrior Women (WORLD Channel)
    Warrior Women

    An intimate and soulful profile from Christina D. King and Elizabeth Castle of Madonna Thunder Hawk, an American Indian Movement leader...

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  • Watchmen (HBO)

    Brilliantly penned by Damon Lindelof, this high concept sci-fi superhero show refashions the famed DC Comics series to tell a story...

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  • When They See Us (Netflix)
    When They See Us

    Devastating and commanding, the powerful miniseries from Ava DuVernay about the Central Park Five case and the lives it ruined, offers...

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  • Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics And Men (SHOWTIME)
    Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics And Men

    This four-part account by Sacha Jenkins of rap and hip-hop superstars Wu-Tang Clan skillfully plumbs the depths of their music, lives...

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